Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Celtic Beltane Festival Report

Well, this past weekend I had a booth at the Celtic Beltane festival in Hartville, Ohio. What a fun time! This is the second year I have shown at this festival, and I always come away having had a fun time, and with some delicious cookies from the Infamous Welsh Cookie Company. Thanks to everyone who braved the weather and came out to see the festival! The weather held out for us most of the day, thankfully, despite the forecasts of thunderstorms all day. If you didn't get to come out this year, keep an eye out here for next year's festival! It is really a fun time. Highland games, lots of music and dancing, and some really fun vendors.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Celtic Festival

This coming Saturday (May 22), I will be in Hartville, Ohio at the Beltane Celtic Festival at Maize Valley Winery. I'll have lots of spoons, and a few turnings, as well. I'll even have a few small spoons I've been making. I think they are cute. :) If you're near northeast Ohio, I hope you'll stop by & say hello! I'm sure it'll be a fun time, even if it's raining.

The festival starts at 10. Looks like I'll be singing the Welsh National Anthem again, too - fun. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bad dog!

Well, first I'll admit this is my own fault, but that aside, I am still very unhappy with my little dog. I have been spending some time turning on my lathe lately, in addition to carving. I was finishing up the carving on a spoon yesterday, but then set it on my side table to go check on something in the shop for a few minutes. When I returned, I saw the spoon sitting on the sofa, and my heart sunk.....

I walked over to it, and saw the link covered with dog slobber, and this small chunk chewed out of the top link. At that point, I screamed "Nooooooooooo!!!!!" out of pure heartbreak. Then, I looked at my little dog, who was happily looking up at me because he was glad I was back, and said "how could you?!"

Needless to say, he didn't understand the problem. I quietly went about the rest of my plans for the evening, all the while, wallowing in grief over this spoon. A few people have given me some nice salvage suggestions. We'll see... I think much of the spoon can be a new spoon, but it's still a shame for it to have lost its link at the top. As much as the rest of the spoon may be saved, it will still make me sad to look at it. ** sigh **