Friday, April 23, 2010

Afternoon at Rio Grande

Thursday afternoon, I had the great pleasure of bringing my spoons to display at the Faculty Fellow presentation for the Madog Center for Welsh Studies at Rio Grande University in Rio Grande, Ohio. Not only did I get to see a wonderful presentation on Welsh Needle Art, but I also got to meet many very nice people, most of whom were already familiar with the Welsh Lovespoon tradition. That is always a treat for me, and seems to add to the enjoyment of the people viewing the spoons, too. It was so nice to be somewhere with a strong Welsh interest - a wonderful afternoon! Thanks, Jeanne and everyone at Rio Grande who welcomed me there!

1 comment:

  1. I have really been enjoying going through your galleries. Your work is amazingly delicate. As a ham-handed old man I'd be afraid to pick up some of your spoons much less carve one.

    As a lovespoon carver myself, I have already broken several spoons while carving beefier designs than yours. As Dave Western says, super glue is a wonderful thing.

    I've been reading the Eisteddfod blog and am looking forward to future installments.

    Bob Tinsley