Monday, October 15, 2012

New stuff...

Once again, I've been too busy for my own good!
Between postal worrying around the Portland Eisteddfod Lovespoon, trying to build out some new sections on my BlakesPA Website (still working on those!), and trying to rebuild a bit of inventory - among other things - I've been neglecting my little blog here again!

Be sure to take a look at the finished spoon on the Portland Eisteddfod Lovespoon blog, if you haven't yet! Both Dave and I are thrilled with it!

So - the weekend before Labor Day, I was in the Marketplace at the 2012 North American Festival of Wales in Scranton, PA. I'd managed to come up with a few quicker products to offer (note cards, relief-carved boxes, etc.) as well, just so my very small lovespoon inventory wouldn't look quite so sparse all alone on my table! So here's my table...
This was the second day, so my inventory was already dwindling... but I think I'll definitely continue making more relief-carved boxes & such! Here's a closer look at one..

And here's an ornament with a daffodil...

And, of course, I've been doing a bunch of designing... but the MOST fun thing I've done these past couple months was to make a spoon (albeit, a very simple one) with some loose rings on it! Here are a few pictures of that...

Boy - Rings are fun! And, in case you haven't heard me say before that while I like carving balls in cages, I have trouble incorporating them into a spoon design - they are just usually too bulky. Rings, on the other hand - they are VERY easy to incorporate into a design! I see a lot of rings on spoons in the future!

Then, on top of all that, I'm trying to re-make some examples of those workshop spoons from a while back. I sold a couple at the NAFOW, and I'm giving my first full length class at my local WoodCraft store next month, so I still need all my examples!

Well... that's enough for now... I'll hopefully be back sooner next time! Until then - carve a lovespoon!


  1. I love the simplicity of the 2 ringed spoon. Elegant!

  2. Seems like a cool festival, hope you had a good time and diminished your inventory quite a bit. The 'simple' spoon is a treat, sometimes less is more as you know :)